Productivity in Banking - Format and Timelines

Three separate 1-day workshops hosted in different locations (participant, academia, sponsor)

Session 1- 3 Oct 2013

Assess current Banking and Financial Services environment, trends, and resulting pressures on stakeholders


Identify specific key challenges and opportunities by function


Uncover shortcomings of SRM process and how to overcome to generate greater value from key relationships

Session 2 – 28 Nov 2013

Develop an effective approach, complete with tools and processes to identify unique capabilities in your vendor base


Get hands-on learning through practical examples of successful application of “Beyond SRM” concept


Learn about specific value-added offerings from providers you can tap into and pursue by functions

Session 3 - tbc Jan 2014

Create a Procurement strategy that delivers greater value and includes the “Beyond SRM” approach


Review and discuss potent approaches to increase organizational readiness and acceptance


Enhance your toolkit and grow the required Procurement capabilities to sustainably drive results

Participants can expect actionable outputs at the end of each session, as well as new tools, shareable insights to be communicated and used in their companies once findings are assembled. This will feed into Think Tank continued collaboration and follow-on themes.