Productivity in Pharma - Background

The Productivity in Pharma Think Tank assembles a small group of invited senior business leaders from the Procurement discipline within the pharmaceutical market dedicated to evolving the function and allowing it to contribute more effectively to the profitability and performance of their organizations.

This membership gathering builds on the work done by the focus group that supported “Beyond Procurement” research project in cooperation with the ISCM in 2011-12. By moving from a working group to a Think Tank, the founders’ vision is to provide an exclusive forum for member organizations to create innovation solutions to common challenges in an environment of exchange between buying organizations, providers and academia.
The next event will kick-off in 2Q2013 with a series of three 1-day workshops and focus on this year’s lead question:
“What are the key challenges and opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, and how can they be addressed by better leveraging the unique capabilities within our supply base”