Productivity in Pharma - Faculty

Sammy Rashed, MBA
A procurement strategist and productivity advisor with 20+ years experience in senior management primarily focused in the Pharmaceutical industry. Over his career at Novartis Pharma and Merck & Co., he has headed Sourcing organizations in Canada, Europe, and globally across all regions, where he created and drove the strategy to transform the function and develop its talent.
Sammy has become a recognized thought leader on growing procurement into a broader productivity champion. He pens a widely followed blog on “Beyond Procurement”, and is a regular contributor and speaker on the topic of “what’s next in Productivity”. He holds a degree in Architecture, an executive MBA from UQAM (Canada), and is a PhD candidate at the Technical University of Munich (Germany). He also serves as an executive partner for corporate research with the Institute for Supply Chain Management (European Business School, Germany).





Giles Breault, MBA, MCIPS

Giles Breault is a Principal with Camelot Management Consultants; a retained advisor to innovative companies providing value-added services to the Pharma industry, he also serves as Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Procurement Leaders Network. He is a career Productivity, Supply Chain, Sourcing and Procurement executive with strategic and operational experience in the Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, and Aviation industries. He is an acknowledged expert in the field of Global Procurement, Productivity and Offshoring/Outsourcing, and has led several Procurement & Supply Chain restructuring efforts focused at maximizing the return on investment in supply chain and procurement resources.

Mr. Breault is a sought after speaker and industry opinion leader in his field of interest. Previously he was Chief Procurement Officer, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Basel, Switzerland, Senior Vice-President, Aventis Pharmaceuticals in Frankfurt, Germany, and held several positions at F. Hoffman La Roche in the US.




Prof. Michael Henke

Prof. Dr. Michael Henke is appointed professor at the Chair of Enterprise Logistics at the faculty of Mechanical Engineering at TU Dortmund. At Fraunhofer IML Henke will operate as institute director in the department of corporate logistics. Thus he succeeds Prof. Dr. Axel Kuhn, who retired last year from the chair of the institute of factory organization; a post he held for twenty years.
Michael Henke started his career with the studies of engineering in Brewing and Beverage Technology at TU München. Subsequently he received a doctorate and qualified as a professor at the faculty of economics, as well at TU München. During his last year of habilitation, Henke worked as a Senior Consultant for the Supply Management Group SMG in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Since 2007 Michael Henke is researcher and professor at EBS. His exploratory focus lies in the field of Purchasing and Supply Management, Supply Chain Risk Management and Financial Supply Chain Management.