Productivity in Pharma - Background

The Productivity in Pharma Think Tank assembles a small group of invited senior business leaders from the Pharmaceuticals Industry dedicated to mobilizing their experience and knowledge to create greater value and enhance performance of their organizations. This membership gathering continues on and builds from the first series held in 2013 that focused on an essential topic facing the procurement teams of the Pharmaceutical Industry: how to move “Beyond SRM”.

In its inaugural season in 2013, The Productivity in Pharma Think Tank explored the SRM landscape, testing whether companies in the industry had gained the benefits envisioned from such programs and then set forth a new model for evaluating and managing key relationships through the Trading Relationship Management (TRM) canvas.

Combining with their academic partners, the Technical University of Dortmund and the Fraunhofer Institute, The Beyond Group announces the 2014 Productivity in Pharma Think Tank focusing on
Sourcing Innovation, with this year’s lead question:

“How can Procurement strike the spark of innovation from suppliers, nurture it, and help carry it from idea to realization”