Productivity in Pharma - Format and Timelines

Three separate 1-day workshops hosted in different locations (participant, academia, sponsor)

Session 1- April 2014


Understand the role and impact of Innovation Sourcing (process vs. product), supported by case-studies internal & external to Pharma


Build on Trading Relationship Mgmt methodology to determine how to generate innovation output


Identify specific key challenges Procurement needs to overcome to better broker innovation from vendors

Session 2 – Jun 2014


Explore existing models for Innovation Sourcing and identify most applicable for Procurement in Pharma


Get hands-on learning through practical examples of successful application from the Vendor and Customer perspective


Understand and define the internal mechanism within Buying organizations for successfully running Innovation Sourcing



Session 3 – Sept 2014


Develop an effective approach to drive Innovation Sourcing, complete with tools and processes


Identify, build & obtain the unique capabilities Procurement will require to successfully lead in the future


Elaborate the required governance model to ensure promising ideas are made visible to the organization, supported by management, and ultimately implemented


Participants can expect actionable outputs at the end of each session, as well as new tools, shareable insights to be communicated and used in their companies once findings are assembled. This will feed into Think Tank continued collaboration and follow-on themes.